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From fighting crime and arresting pirates to blasting away zombies, you can always count on a superhero. Unfortunately, I am definitely not that person.

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28 December

Calculating Modified Fibonacci Numbers, Quickly and Exactly

This is inspired by an article of similar name called Calculating Fibonacci Numbers, Quickly and Exactly. Consider the a modified fibonacci sequence given by the recurrence c_0 = 2, c_1 = 1, c_k = c_{k-1} + c_{k-2}. We shall look at various algebraic and analytic properties of this sequence, find two algorithms that computes c_k in O(\log(k)) time, and finally look at a motivating example where we need to compute this sequence quickly and exactly.

21 May
Posted in Article, Python

Scientific Computation

Binary representation of numbers and floating point precision arithmetic.

Once upon a time, I absolutely despised matlab. In my own spoiled preconceptions, I believed that matlab was designed without a single shred of care as to how ugly it is. Of course, I eventually had to finally write my first line of matlab and, upon discovering that I’m still in one piece, concluded that matlab wasn’t really that bad. Anyways, I’ve moved onto grander things now, things such as singing obnoxiously in public, browsing reddit for hours on end, and Python.

12 February
Posted in Python

Greatest Common Denominator

Imagine that you are nine and you’re going to 3rd grade math class. Your teacher asks for the greatest common denominator between 10 and 15. Everyone else is just as stumped as you are, but being gifted with the incredible ability to program computers, you decide to write a program to do it for you.